Commercial Register registration

What is a commercial register application and what needs to be considered?

A commercial register application is an application for the entry of a company in the commercial register. The commercial register is a public database in which all companies registered in Germany are recorded. Entry in the commercial register is mandatory for many companies, especially for corporations such as GmbHs and AGs.

The commercial register application must be submitted to the responsible district court and contains information about the company, such as the company name, the company's registered office, the management and the shareholders. The registration must be signed by all managing directors or board members and, if necessary, certified by a notary.

After the registration has been checked by the district court and all the necessary documents have been submitted, the company is entered in the commercial register and given a commercial register number. Registration in the commercial register is important as it establishes the legal capacity of the company and enables it to do business.

It is important to fill out the commercial register application carefully and attach all the necessary documents to avoid delays in registration. If you have any questions about registering in the commercial register, you can contact a notary or a lawyer.

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