Business Center Niederrhein

Because your company

deserves a good home.

The services.

We offer your company a home! No matter if as Headquarters, a desk or an entire office - with us you will find what you are looking for. And if you wish, we will also take care of your mail, receive it and forward it to you.

So you can give your company a representative address, meet with colleagues and separate private and business from the beginning. On request with own telephone and fax numbers.

The prices.

We attach great importance to a simple tariff structure without small print or hidden costs, which allows you to put together the services exactly to your needs completely individually.

So you get a business address already from unbeatable [Basic fee] euros per month!

And who needs more, gets more.

Would you like to separate your private and business life and not register your company in your own apartment - but it's not worth having your own office?

You want to open a trade or a web shop and have no annoying representatives or customers standing in front of your own door?

Do you travel a lot for business or pleasure or do you no longer have a place of residence in Germany, but still want to be reachable by post or register a business?

Looking for someone who handles the post, phone calls or parcel returns for you?

You just want to be able to concentrate on your business and need occasional support in administrative matters?

If you could answer a question with "yes", then you are right with us!

Start-up advice for anyone who wants to start their own business

and for young entrepreneurs and all those who are already self-employed.

Would you like to become self-employed, found a sole proprietorship or a UG (or a GmbH, an AG, a Limited / Ltd, an association, ...)? Then you've come to the right place, because you can talk to us and get answers to all of your questions about founding a company ...

Our experienced management consultants are at your side with their wide range of knowledge before, during and after the foundation. And this completely regardless of whether you choose a business address or other services from our company or not.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, we have put our services together with our partner lawyers and tax consultants in various packages. Just take a look at it. We help you with all questions - for example, on the subject of business plans, customer acquisition, funding and financing advice, strategy advice or your market positioning.

There is sure to be the right one for you too >>> Start-up advice <<. Or just give us a call and make an appointment with an expert: 02151 / 9718727. The first half hour is always free and without obligation.

And if it has to go faster: We always have so-called Shelf companies on offer. A shelf company is a normal UG or GmbH that was founded in advance but has not yet been active in the market. The advantage is that you save the time it would normally take to set up a new company and that you can usually take over the company within 24 hours and start working immediately. Just talk to us and let's find the right solution. You can find more information about our shelf companies >>> here <<.

Our virtual office and

Why your company is right with us.

Businesscenter Niederrhein offers you

The currently (probably) cheapest
summonable Business address throughout Germany

at a fixed price from an unbeatable [basic fee] euro per month.

Domicile address / business address / registered office

What's behind it?

Every company needs an address where the mail and correspondence goes. Many founders and managing directors initially choose their own home address for a variety of reasons, because renting their own office is out of the question for cost reasons alone. In addition to financial aspects, this may simply be due to the fact that your own business doesn't even require it - not yet.

However, you should be clear from the outset that your own company should also grow over time or maybe even be founded by several people from the beginning or what if a representative of a partner suddenly and unannounced appears. And then? Who wants to have “strangers” in their living room?

With our virtual office service - a domicile address, we offer you the opportunity right from the start to separate private and business matters and to send your company's correspondence to one of our locations.

The advantages of an external summonable business address are obvious:

  • You will receive a chargeable address that complies with the legal requirements
  • No gag contracts - which often go hand in hand with rental properties
  • Call improvement due to a preferred office location
  • Better separation of private and business through separate addresses
  • Cheap + transparent conditions
  • Short contract periods
  • Ready to go from “now on immediately”
  • Growing: At any time expandable to desks or own offices

By booking a virtual business address, you never have to worry again about annoying agents suddenly standing on your doorstep. Your private address remains private and business matters come to your business address and will be processed by us on request.

No matter how much mail you receive and whether it is important or unimportant documents - nothing is lost and is also protected from the eyes of your neighbors. Even if you yourself travel a lot, our service is just right for you:

We accept all post for you - from postcards to parcels or pallets - and direct you wherever you want in a neutral envelope. In the case of larger shipments (packages, pallets or other items) we will discuss this in advance. Of course, individual procedures can also be agreed - for example, if you are sick or on vacation. In any case, “your” mailbox is emptied daily so that nothing can be lost or left lying around.

As an optional supplement, we offer you the opportunity to digitize incoming mail with our digitalization service and to send all documents as PDFs by e-mail or to upload them, for example, to a cloud.

What are the costs associated with renting a summonable business address?

Hiring a business address is far cheaper by far than, for example, having your own office. The basic amount is with [Basic charge] Euro / month (net, plus VAT) unbeatable! If you want it you can add different services depending on your needs. But you decide on your own!

So the simplest option is simply renting a business address. Here, letters, parcels and packages are accepted by us and forwarded to you.

In addition, there will be a manageable set-up fee in the first month. The forwarding of the letters will be invoiced fairly according to the actual expenditure and the postage actually incurred.

What else can we do for you:

Another service that many of our customers use is this virtual secretariat. Our employees also answer the phone calls on your behalf. They will then send you a short summary with names and concerns or arrange callbacks - more personal than any answering machine and still individually as you want it!

Incidentally, this also works if you already have a telephone number (and completely independent of whether you rent a business address from us or not). Your phone number or your cell phone you can when you're on the road, no time to answer the phone or just want to be undisturbed, just redirect to a phone number with us and we'll contact you as you have previously communicated.
We will gladly explain you the advantages and possibilities that a virtual secretary offers you in a personal conversation.

And if you want to meet with your customers, of course that is also possible. We offer you state-of-the-art meeting rooms in 30 cities throughout Germany, where you can hold meetings, receive customers or arrange other business meetings.
This service is available by arrangement with our staff, but we also take care of the catering and accommodation options on request. This is possible without fixed costs and other obligations. Today in Berlin, tomorrow in Munich and the day after in Hamburg.

You need more space to work now and then? In a fixed location or somewhere in Germany?

Then just use our co-working opportunities. In an open atmosphere, you simply sit down at a free desk of your choice. You have the choice of sporadic use or you can also conclude a permanent tenancy agreement - also here: Just as you need it!

You also want to be able to do the door?

Sure - we understand that and have the right solution for it. You have the choice between offices of different sizes. Talk to us and we will find the solution that suits you best.

At our 31 partner locations, we offer you and your guests the shortest travel distances, professional media technology and suitable catering at unbeatable low prices. On request, we also take care of hotel rooms and look for your ideas and desires appropriate restaurant for the evening.

You can already benefit from our services in the following cities: Bremen, Celle, Darmstadt, Dresden, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Ingolstadt, Kassel, Kiel, Krefeld, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Mainz, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Rostock, Schwerin, Stralsund, Stuttgart, Ulm, Wuppertal ... and soon in many other locations.

We do it - easy!

And we understood what young companies need!

With us you will find a professional team, a reasonable infrastructure, individual and modular service packages, lots of space to grow and unbeatable low prices.

And that together with our partners in the meantime 31 cities throughout Germany.

Business address Domicile address

Business address

Create free space and separate private and business.

A domicile address that is independent of “home” for your company offers many advantages.

ab 29,80 Euro

per month.

protect private address

The post office under control

We take your mail and scan it or, if you wish, simply forward it to you - whatever you want. Of course you can also pick it up - just as you like it best.

Working together.

Working together

We offer you various options for discussing with colleagues or with your customers.

Through cooperation with our partners even Germany-wide in 30 cities also in your area.

Do not wait any longer!

Just send us your data and rate request via the contact form
We will send you within a few hours your contract offer with all information
which you need to be able to start directly.

Worth knowing about the summonable business address

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